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Never Ending is a photographic series with the HUMAN as its center.
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Wall Art Blue Sky

For the Comfort Hotel Sixteen Paris  Montrouge
Photo Wall Art

In her photographic series, Bénédicte Van der Maar focuses in depicting social, economic and cultural issues, aswell as in discrimination and consumption, working either in the studio or in complex and distant places around the globe. 


Dedicated to image and to explore new ways for photographic expression, the studio offers photographies portraits, photo shooting, photo stories, art exhibitions and photographic Wall Arts. 
Van der Maar Studio was created in 2006 by photographer Benedicte Van der Maar.

Créations Wall Art for the Comfort Hotel Sixteen Dossier de presse Groupe Choice Hotels

Some réalisations : book Femen, Morabito, Cloé, Sydney Ohana

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Van der Maar Benedicte

108, rue Lemercier

75017 Paris France


+33 (0)6 08 827 807

+33 (0)6 08 827 807

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Le Studio crée vos projets, à Paris 17e.


Opening Hours :
monday - friday : 9:00 - 12:00 / 14:00 - 18:00

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